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Advanced Theoretical Physics: A Historical Perspective

Are you an undergraduate physics student planning on attending graduate school? Are you a graduate physics student already, but you feel like you're missing something? Either way, this book could be a huge help! There are a lot of little bits of information that don't get taught in undergraduate physics for one reason or another, but your graduate teachers still expect you to know it. That's what this book is: all the super important bits you should know before entering graduate physics. This book is not intended for anyone without at least some background in basic calculus and introductory physics, but if you like a challenge, then go for it!

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ATOTS # 3: Flame Challenge and New York

Nick and Emily discuss their trip to New York and Nick being the winner of the Flame Challenge.

ATOTS # 2: Myers-Briggs meets Biology

Nick and Emily discuss their own results from the Myers-Briggs personality test, how some of the national trends might be explained by Biology, and internet charts.

ATOTS # 1: Why Am I Learning This?

Nick and Emily discuss why it's so important for students and teachers to know why something is being taught.